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Top Financial Services Company Indonesia

Updated: Jan 25

Financial services has evolved significantly in the recent 10 years, with customers increasingly turning to digital channels for their business & financial needs. The global financial services sector has been rocked, and Indonesia is no stranger to the disruption brought about by Financial services. As people get more familiar with Financial services, the beneficial digital influence on spending, trading, and making loans is projected to persist even after the COVID-19 pandemic. In Indonesia, digitally active clients are expected to add more economic value to their banks.

Customers are increasingly relying on mobile banking and internet banking services to perform their financial transactions as a result of social alienation. The following is a list of top financial consulting companies that are actively developing in the Financial services field and are revolutionising financial services in Indonesia.

Financial Services Company In Indonesia

This article highlights our top choices for the best Indonesia-based financial services firms. These startups and firms are approaching financial services innovation in a number of ways, but they are all great companies worth following.

We chose these startups and businesses based on their excellent success in one of the following categories:

  • Innovation

  • Innovative Ideas

  • Innovative strategy

  • Product Development of New Products

  • Exceptional expansion

  • Excellent growth plan

  • Management


Binomo is a top e-commerce platform for trading in over 100 different marketplaces. The company is well-regulated and safe. Binomo accepts worldwide clients as well as Indonesian traders. Binomo is not prohibited or restricted in Indonesia. Binomo Indonesia provides traders with a high-quality trading experience across all trading services. Their platforms are conventional and simple to use. They also offer a smooth deposit and withdrawal mechanism, albeit it could be better.To ensure that the company is legitimate and not a scam, go to

Binomo Indonesia provides remarkable binary options trading services to clients in order to improve your trading experience. Binomo Indonesia provides traders with enticing bonuses to help them boost their trading accounts. Binomo Indonesia provides a number of methods for depositing funds into your brokerage account.


Ajaib is an online broker that enables Indonesians to purchase and sell equities, exchange-traded funds, and mutual funds. Ajaib was founded in 2018 with the goal of increasing the rate of banking services among Indonesians through investing. Ajaib has stated on its website that it is committed to providing access to financial instruments that are secure, trustworthy, and inexpensive.

Customers from many walks of life can use the internet to access stock and fund manager services. The group's headquarters are in Jakarta. Ajaib's purpose is to educate the people about the need of investing in the future. Ajaib is believed to be involved in seminars, contacting universities, and providing free online education. Education, according to the organization, is the key to growth.

Ajaib feels that investment is a responsibility, not a right. According to the group's website, investments can help to reduce the impact of rising prices while also growing the amount of wealth.Ajaib is a stock exchange that permits Indonesians to purchase shares, ETFs, and mutual funds.


Cashlez develops a mPOS (mobile point of sale) system, which accepts payments via credit and debit cards or software debit cards on smartphones attached via Bluetooth to a memory card.

Retailers can accept alternative digital payment options, such as QR Code payments and Cashlez Links, in addition to mPOS. As part of its dedication to making it easier for retailers to maintain and expand their businesses, Cashlez creates POS and back-office reporting capabilities that are supplied free of charge to them. This system is capable of tracking all retailer sales digital transactions.

In October, Cashlez declared that it has achieved favourable financial and operational success over the previous nine months. The company stated that it was able to preserve core concepts despite the current COVID-19 epidemic, as seen by a 50% increase in deals and a 91% increase in sales volume compared to the previous year (yoy).


Payfazz is a Financial services company that was founded in 2016. It establishes a widespread network of bank representatives in Indonesia who conduct financial transactions on behalf of society's unbanked and underbanked sectors.

Payfazz is on a goal to use technology to empower SMEs and the rural community in order to grow Indonesia's digital economy. Its objective is to become a world-class technology firm and Indonesia's greatest digital integration platform. Payfazz's goal is to build an ecosystem centred on meeting the demands of its clients.


GoPay began as an e-money account for GOJEK services, Indonesia's ride-hailing app for transportation, delivery service, and other on-demand services. With over 8 million users now, GoPay is believed to have facilitated transactions that have helped GOJEK generate more than 500,000 jobs for service providers ranging from motorbike drivers to gorengan and martabak booths.

GoPay will continue to be the e-money wallet for all of GOJEK's on-demand services, with the inclusion of three companies (Kartuku, Midtrans, and Mapan) creating the foundation for GOJEK's banking and finance ecosystem. GoPay will also carry out its greater aim of catapulting Indonesia into the digital age, providing financial equality to Indonesians.


KoinWorks is an OJK-licensed and monitored one-stop financial solution platform that caters to a variety of financial demands. It brings together lenders and borrowers on a single digital platform. The online platform of KoinWorks can help people from all walks of life reach their financial objectives. KoinWorks was established in 2016 as a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform. It is now a fantastic financial app with over 300,000 active users. The company has a local branch in Jakarta.

In accordance with the move, KoinWorks partnered with the Indonesian life insurance business PT Prudential Life Security (Prudential Indonesia) to offer Accident & COVID-19 Life Insurance.

Final Verdict

In this article, we discuss top financial consulting companies. Above than all Binomo Indonesia is a reputable broker through which you may practically trade online. Trading financial markets digitally is one of the most effective ways to make money on the internet. There are, however, various ways to trade the markets, one of which is through digital options. To trade online, or with any financial asset, you must first choose an online broker. You have a vast range of brokers to choose from. However, in order to gain access to flawless trading, you must select the most dependable, one of which is Binomo. So we can say that Binomo is best financial services company in indonesia.

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